The bombing game Feedy.io!

Feedy.io is a multiplayer shooting game which you can play online easily. In this game you need to make a strong group between players any guard each other from the enemies. You just need to bomb some of your enemies. Have you ever played the game agario? Well just like in that game, you need to make a strong group of yours.

Play the Feedyio game anywhere



Have you ever been bored due to lack of work and entertainment in your life? Well, I used to have the same problems in the past. The hardest thing to do is to pass the time in office. And on the top, that you won’t be able to any online games due to the restrictions in your servers.

It’s logical that, No boss would want their employees playing games in their working hour. But sometimes you get so depressed that you won’t be able to focus on your work. Due to this reasons developer have made separate feedyio private server so you can play games without any restriction. It’s called Feedyio Unblocked.

What’s Feedy.io Unblocked?

Well it’s the restriction lifted version of the official feedyio game. Means, you can play the Feedy.io anywhere even if you have restriction placed on the servers which you are using. It has its own private servers for you. And Feedy.io Unblocked is unofficial version of its original game.

These Feedyio private servers were developed so that you can play the game without any hindrance. Since the game feedy.io unblocked is introduced to you, you won’t feel bored no matter where you are if you are playing this game. It’s time to Bomb some players, so get ready.

Be on the safe side by managing these things.

Just be sure that you have a strong internet connection which doesn’t break from time to time and a good web browser which can load the online portal for playing the feedyio game. If you manage these things then you don’t have to worry about anything.

Feedyio for beginners

Are you playing feedyio game for the first time and are you confused about how to play the game? Don’t worry, after reading this article if you do exactly the same while playing the game you will master this game in no time. Be sure to give some rest to your eyes because you are going to get attached to this game. As you open the game you will see some blank space for your name and your email address.

You can login and play the game to save your progress as well as to get some of the fantastic features. You will immediately get 200 gold after you register and 100 gold daily. There will be option about “how to play feedy.io”. The link will redirect you to YouTube where you can watch videos.

Here are some tips about how to play the feedyio game.

  1. As you start the game you will be a small round shaped avatar with your name on it if you have named it. You can move the ball using your mouse.
  2. Eat the small ones on the way to get bigger than others. There will be bigger one’s than yours so be careful.
  3. You can split into two by pressing space, feed fast by pressing E, add mass by pressing A, and bomb by pressing D.
  4. After a round is up winner will be declared. You can play another round if you want to; it’s all up to you.